kurl.no for gwibber

Some simple steps for adding http://kurl.no/ support for gwibber.

  1. Download http://folk.ntnu.no/runesk/gwibber/kurlno.p_
  2. Copy kurlno.p_ to gwibber/microblog/urlshorter (in /usr/share/pyshared on Ubuntu)
  3. Link kurlno.py to /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/gwibber/microblog/urlshorter/kurlno.py (on Ubuntu, other distros might not need this)
  4. Add kurlno to gwibber/microblog/urlshorter/__init__.py
import cligs, isgd, tinyurlcom, trim, ur1ca, kurlno

"cli.gs": cligs,
"is.gd": isgd,
#"snipurl.com": snipurlcom,
"tinyurl.com": tinyurlcom,
"tr.im": trim,
"ur1.ca": ur1ca,
#"zi.ma": zima,
"kurl.no": kurlno,

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