MuninLite: Included in OpenWRT and new release

I made a project called MuninLite a couple of years ago. This is a Munin node written in Bourne shell, intended on platforms missing Perl (as the regular Munin node is written in Perl). It relies on inetd for network communication and has a small subset of normal Linux plugins (like df, if_ if_err_, interupts etc), (re)written as Bourne shell plugins that is merged into the script at "compile" time.

I had almost forgotten the project, but I got a reminder this morning on the #munin (on irc.linpro.no) IRC channel. A Redpil Linpro employee wrote that OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09 had MuninLite in its repro. What a nice surprise.

I went to the project pages on SourceForge, and got today's second surprise: there were two patches/bug in the tracker! I have not investigated why I did not receive any email about this; it might be trapped in a SPAM filter!

I had a look at the patches, both seemed sane to me, and I applied both. I also added support for ppp devices as a valid device for the if_ and if_err_ plugins.

I might have had a plan releaseing a 1.0.1 version a very long time ago, and I am not able to recall what I have been thinking. Instead of releasing this 1.0.1 I bumped it to 1.0.2.

I would like to thank Jozsef Marton for his nice patches and OpenWRT for including my software.


  1. the config_df and fetch_df portions are having issues on my linux (debian) box. The ^A character is giving it fits. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the sed.

  2. hey, that bug #1 on SF can be solved if the person installs ethtool...

    i would have commented there but unfortunately i can't comment a closed bug.